Ethical Hacking

Linux/Unix Commands with Examples and Syntax

The description for the most commonly used LINUX/UNIX commands is given below in an alphabetic order. a) cat cat allows you to read multiple files and then print them out. You can combine files by using the > operator and append files by using >>. Syntax: cat [argument] [specific file] Example: cat abc.txt If you […]

What is Information Technology (IT)?

Information technology is related to studying, designing and developing information related to computers. This field is growing at a very fast pace over the last few years and according to successful and well-known people in the IT sector, this growth is expected to remain stable. Due to the robust growth, millions of jobs have been […]

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) ?

In order to properly plan for disaster recovery you will need to know where you stand, specifically where the company stands. You need to completely assess the state of preparedness of the organization and understand what you need to do to be properly prepared.In order to properly plan for disaster recovery, you should observe the […]

What are Hacking Methodologies?

A hacking methodology refers to the step-by-step approach used by an aggressor to attack a target such as a computer network. There is no specific step-by-step approach used by all hackers. As can be expected when a group operates outside the rules as hackers do, rules do not apply the same way. A major difference […]

Why Become CEH Certified?

There are a number of reasons for obtaining the CEH certification. These include the following… Provides Proof of Professional Achievement:- Specialized certifications are the best way to stand out from the crowd. In this age of technology certifications, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of administrators who have successfully completed the Microsoft and Cisco certification tracks. […]

What is human based social engineering?

In human-based social engineering attacks, the social engineer interacts directly with the target to get information. An example of this type of attack would be where the attacker calls the database administrator asking to reset the password for the targets account from a remote location by gathering the user information from any remote social networking […]

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